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Skills Acquisition And Entreprenuership Development (SAED)

The Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development scheme is an initiative of the NYSC driven to aid corp members in obtaining necessary skills that will encourage them in turn to pursue entrepreneurship careers in order to reduce their possible time spent in the labour market in search of paid employment. 

The NYSC has partnered with several companies and training outfits across the country to obtain and provide the very best to the nations corp members at subsidized rates, courses and live training programs developed by aforementioned sponsors to equip them with skills pertaining to independent sustenance and business management understanding as well. Furhermore, the SAED program is one of the few in the country that gives youths, which are corp members

Structure and Functions of SAED

The SAED Department is headed by a Director (Mrs Mary DAN-ABIA) who is assisted by the Assistant Director(Mrs Rachel IDAEWOR) and is made up of two divisions namely:
- Skills Acquisition Division
- Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Division

Functions of the department include:
  •  Sensitize and mobilize 200, 000 young graduates for skill acquisition annually
  •  Facilitate the training and mentoring of 100, 000 young graduates in skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development for self-reliance annually
  •  Promote public-private partnership for entrepreneurship development and self-reliance amongst Nigerian youths
  •  Promote documentation and sharing of best practices on youth empowerment in Nigeria
  •  Support evidence-driven advocacy efforts for favorable policies on youth empowerment in Nigeria
  •  Sensitization and mobilization of corps members for enrollment into the skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development program
  •  Development of a standard curriculum for the in-camp skill acqusition exercise
  •  Identification of organizations at state level to provide training and mentoring in specific skills sets
  •  Attachment of the corps members to the various organizations for skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development
  •  On-going monitoring and supervision of trainee corps members
  •  Facilitate access to available funding opportunities

SAED Lagos Partners
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