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CDS is one of the four Cardinal programmes of the NYSC in which corp members contribute positively to the development of their host communities throughout the period of national service.
Since the inception of the NYSC in 1973, continual and superb contributions have been made towards social, political and economic
transformation of the nation, and currently, the CDS scheme has been among the vanguard for the nations drive to correct the imbalance in rural-urban development through execution of various projects and programmes by corp members.
These programmes have revolutionized communities all over the country in areas of education, agriculture, communication, infrastructure, technology, economic empowerment, poverty eradication, social services and above all national consciousness and socio-cultural regeneration

To Corp Members, Concerning CDS

The four cardinal NYSC Programs are as follows:

1). Mobilization and Orientation
2). Primary Assignment 
3). Secondary Assignment – CDS
4). Winding Up/Closing

As the CDS is a part of the aforementioned programs it must be noted that all corp members are expected to participate actively and productively, with no exceptions, in a CDS group and to its cause, the group the corp member choose is completely up to them though it is advisable to select one that pertains to what their qualifications are, or what they truly feel their personal abilities are more suited to, this would ensure that the very best is truly given in the course of participating.
CDS meetings are held once a week and last till the end of the corp members service year, note that defaulters are given an extension of service (service year could be increased for a period up to a whole year), it is our hope that corp members will adhere wholesomely in this scheme not out of fear of punishment or a lackadaisical attitude of “Lets get it over with” but with a drive for Excellence and Value Creation or addition to the goals of whatever group they belong to.
A corp member can only belong to a CDS group at a particular time and a CDS card will be given to all corp members for the purpose of attendance documentation.

CDS is classified into two main categories, these include:
1). Group CDS
2). Indivdual / Personal Projects
1). Group Community Development Scheme
This is the general CDS activity all corp members will participate in, they are expected to use a day in a week, every week, for the group CDS activities, on this day, usually set by the CDS Group, the corp members are not expected to report to their Place of Primary Assignment(PPA), attendance is mandatory therefore all employers will relinquish corp members of their responsibilities at work, this is all in a bid to get the best out of the corp member within the period. The set days are dedicated to the execution of projects and programmes that will improve the living conditions of their host community. If you need more information about the available CD groups, refer to the pamphlet titled "ABC of Community Development Service" obtainable during your orientation course.

2). Individual /Personal Projects:
These projects are usually geared towards rural development but are not limited to them only. For these CDS endeavor(s), the corp member, identifies a felt need in the community they are present in and goes about addressing such need(s) by following and being aware of these simple steps
A). Preparation of a proposal:
   This involves the corp member creating a document outlining the core aspects of the project they intend on carrying out, the proposal is structured as follows:
   The Proposal Title
   Brief Introduction
   Objective(s) of the project
   Budget/Costing for execution
   Sponsors involved in the project
   Duration of the project

   The corp member is expected to be aware of the communication channel they are to follow in order for their proposal to be attended to properly, the channel is as follows:
   To the State Coordinator
   Through: Zonal Inspector
   Through: Local Government Inspector
   Through: Employer.

   Usually the proposal is submitted to the LGI after preparation so processing for approval can be initiated in the event the project is deemed fit/ necessary.

B). Execution by raising funds:
   The corp member is expected to be capable of projecting their idea/ vision well enough to prompt donations or even fund generation locally from the community they intend on executing their projects in. Do note the corp member is not expected to provide the funds for the project.

C). Progress Report:

   A progress report on the project with pictorial evidence is expected at least three times from the corp member

To corp members who have performed and executed projects excellently, awards of excellence are usually accorded to them, these awards are provided via the following channels:

- State Coordinator
- State Coordinator and Governing board

The awards are:

- State Award
- National Award

They are a prestigious accolade to whomever receives them and symbolize the corp members drive towards nation building in whichever capacity they were capable of.


Below are Present and Past CDProjects conceived, and concretely actualized by corp members

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