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NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2019 Batch B

To the general public, click here to view the 2019 Batch B mobilization time table

Skill Aquisition & Entreprenuership Development

The Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development scheme is an initiative of the NYSC driven to aid corp members in obtaining necessary skills that will encourage them in turn to pursue entrepreneurship careers in order to reduce their possible time spent in the labour market in search of paid employment.

Community Development Scheme

CDS is one of the four Cardinal programmes of the NYSC in which corp members contribute positively to the development of their host communities throughout the period of national service.
Since the inception of the NYSC in 1973, continual and superb contributions have been made towards social, political and economic transformation of the nation, and currently, the CDS scheme has been among the vanguard for the nations drive to correct the imbalance in rural-urban development through execution of various projects and programmes by corp members.
NYSC @45, Courtesy Visit to The Chairman Ikeja LGA, Mr. Engr. Mojeed Balogun by the State Coordinator flanked by some members of staff and Corps members after the Sanitation Exercise in Celebration of NYSC @45
GENDER EQUALITY CAMPAIGN, The Gender and Servicom CDS group oshodi/isolo lg held their cds project today 19th September 2019. The group hosted officials of LASCOPA who came to sensitize corp members on the rights of consumers in Nigeria, especially Lagos State
BADAGRY MEDICAL CDS GROUP ACTIVITIES, Badagry Medical CDS Group held her outing at APA kingdom, Badagry West for the month of September.
Ikeja 1 LGA Education & Enlightenment CDs group, Ikeja 1 LGA Education & Enlightenment CDs group visited Babs Es Salam Orphanage Home today 16th September 2019.

Welcome Address from the State Coordinator of NYSC Lagos

Eminent Nigerians, ladies and gentlemen from all over the globe, it gives me great joy to interact with you through this medium.
Information Technology Communication (ICT) and effective service delivery are inextricably interwoven as we all know. Therefore, the need for establishing linkages with NYSC Stakeholders on this platform will help in bridging gaps in information sharing which has over the years been a major challenge.
This site will amongst others showcase the activities of the Scheme, expand its values to critical stakeholders as well as keep NYSC public abreast with the rudiments of NYSC programmes especially in Lagos State. Likewise, it will enhance interactions with critical stakeholders as their contributions on this platform will help in the actualization of the Scheme's objectives.
On behalf of the Director-General, Brigadier-General Shuaibu Ibrahim FSS MSS DSS BA MA PGDE PhD,Management and Staff of NYSC Lagos State, I welcome our illustrious Stakeholders to the NYSC Lagos State Website.


Know Your State Coordinator

Mr Sunday Aroni attended St. George Primary School,Sabon Gari,Zaria from 1971 to 1976 and St. John/Rimi College,Kaduna for his Secondary education from 1976 to 1981. Propelled by quest for knowledge, he process to the Ahmadu Belo Univeristy, Zaria where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic in 1987.During the 1987/1988 Service year, he participated in the National Service and taught at Federal Freshwater Fisheries School, New Bussa in defunct Kwara State. Mr Aroni joined the National Youth Service Corps as Inspector II in n1991 and was posted to Niger State. He was later tran...

NYSC Director General

  Brig Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim (DG NYSC) FSS MSS DSS BA MA PGDE PhD   Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim hails from Nasarawa Local Government area of Nasarawa State of Nigeria After his primary and secondary education, he proceeded to the University of Jos where he obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees before he later bagged a PGDE from Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State and a PhD in History from University of Abuja. Since his commissioning into the Nigerian Army he has attended the following Courses: Courses Attended: Nigeria Army...

The State Coordinator's Profile


NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2019 Batch B

To the general public, click here to view the 2019 Batch B mobilization time table



BACKGROUND The National Youth Service Corps was established in 1973 by Decree No.24 of 22nd May, 1973. The Scheme was conceived after the civil war of 1967 as a means to concretize the Federal government agenda of reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction for national integration. .   The National Youth Service by its mandate was inaugurated to provide service in the areas of national integration and mobility of labour.   It mobilizes Nigerian graduate youths who are sent to all geographical regions of the country to serve.   The scheme is prepared to serve its customers through the following:   Mobilization of corps members.   Orientation of corps members.   Posting of corps members to places of primary assignment.   Participation of corps members in Community Development Service.   Participation of corps members in Skills acquisition and entrepreneurial development. Winding-up and passing out of Corps members.   This charter will acquaint stakeholders and clients of the services rendered by the NYSC viz:   Vision of organization.   Mission of organization   Services rendered   List of Customers   Performance target.   Expectation and obligations of customers, staff and Management.   Complaints/grievance redress   Stakeholders participation in service   Special needs provisions   Existing limitations.   This document is presented to serve as a guide to our numerous customers and clients and enlighten them of the services the scheme renders and how to access such services. It is hoped that our clients/stakeholders will find this document invaluable. VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT VISION STATEMENT: To develop a scheme that is dynamic enough to meet new challenges and become the leading light of youth organizations in Africa.   MISSION STATEMENT: To mobilize and groom Nigerian youths for the promotion of national unity, sustainable development, self-reliance and prepare them for the challenges of leadership.   CORE VALUES Patriotism   Integrity   Efficiency   Commitment   Team Work   MANDATE The Mandate of the scheme is as contained in the National Youth Service Corps Act 1993.   To promote National unity and development.   To inculcate discipline in Nigerian youths.   To develop common ties among our youths.   To expose our youths to the mode of living of the people in different parts of the Country in order to remove prejudices, alienation and ignorance, and confirm at first hand, the many similarities among the various ethnic groups.   The fulfillment of these objectives constitutes our overall goals, which in fact, informs both our vision and mission statements.   SERVICES RENDERED BY THE NYSC Please read the functions of the NYSC Departments and Units from the Home Page   SERVICOM – Service Delivery Section: Operational Hours   Monday - Friday   8.00am - 4.oopm   During the three (3) weeks Orientation Course 24 hours daily, Weekends inclusive   LIST OF CUSTOMERS The Clientele of the National Youth Service Corps includes:   Corps Members   Corps producing institutions, i.e. Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnics etc. (both local and foreign).   Federal, State and Local governments   Public and Private organizations   Foreign Missions   Voluntary and Non-Governmental Organizations   Post Primary and Tertiary Institutions   Banks, Insurance and other Financial Institutions   Oil and Multi-National Companies   Contractors   Armed Forces   Department of State Security Service (DSS)   Law enforcement Agencies Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre   Red Cross   International Donor Agencies such as UNDP, UNICEF, etc   Traditional Institutions   Religious Organizations   Media Organizations   Health and Medical Institutions   Professional bodies such as NBA, NMA, ICAN etc.   Nigerian Public   Staff of the scheme   Performance Targets The National Youth Service corps has resolved to improve from its achieved average target of 75% in 2005 to the following by the year 2020:   Ninety percent (90%) error – proof mobilization of all eligible Nigerian Youth into the National Service subject to provision of the required fund for this exercise by government.   Achieve seventy percent (70%) reduction in concessional posting request.   Achieve ninety-five (95%) percent orientation of eligible Nigerian Youths mobilized for National Service.   Achieve seventy-five percent (75%) even distribution of corps members to places of primary assignment.   Achieve eighty five percent (85%) of corps participation in the development of host communities.   Achieve ninety percent (90%) in the instilling of discipline in corps members in any given service year.   Achieve eighty percent (80%) inspection of corps locations.   Achieve eighty five percent (85%) provision of corps welfare services.   Achieve ninety percent (90%) cooperation with corps employers.   Achieve ninety percent (90%) prompt payment of approved claims, allowances and other entitlements.   Achieve ninety percent (90%) enlightenment of the public on the activities of NYSC through the media.   Achieve eighty percent (80%) reduction in litigation against the scheme through arbitration and mediation.   Achieve ninety five percent (95%) monitoring and execution of contracts through the due process mechanism.   Achieve ninety-five (95%) collaboration with donor agencies and corps producing institutions.   Achieve ninety - five percent (95%) cordial relationship with the Stakeholders and the public.   Achieve ninety-five percent (95%) improvement in the supply of adequate quality materials for camp use, especially kit item   GRIEVANCE /REDRESS MECHANISM In the event of service failure at any of our service windows, an aggrieved person(s) could direct his/her complaints in writing, telephone calls or personal visits to the following officers at the NYSC Directorate Headquarter Maitama Abuja.   A.S. IDOWU (MRS) NODAL OFFICER SERVICE DELIVERY UNIT 09036215548 08138137889 @ Twitter: E-mail:;   DIRECTOR-GENERAL BRIG. GEN. SZ KAZAURE FSS, MSS, PSC (+) fdc. 08032542779. @ Twitter: E-mail: .   NOTE: Categories of redress are based on the nature of service failure. The scheme do tender apology to their customers whenever service fails. Also repeat of service such as correction of errors on Certificate of National Service or re-production of Certificate of National Service, omission of corps members’ name on the payment voucher as the case maybe.   STAKEHOLDER’S PARTICIPATION IN SERVICE The National Youth Service Corps with the cooperation of its stakeholders which include corps producing institutions, the Army, the Police DSS,NSCDC, Man’ O’ War, the Red Cross, State/Local governments and corps employers, is under obligation to deliver effective services to its customers. The scheme has put in place stakeholders forum to interact with our numerous clients. These are: The pre-mobilization workshop held thrice every year and Student Affairs officers from all corps producing Institutions in the country attend. The pre-orientation workshop also holds three times in a year and various stakeholders like the Army, Police, SSS, Man ‘O’ War etc. attend. The workshops are held primarily to brainstorm with our numerous clients and stakeholders to fashion out cutting-edge services for the scheme. However, for the scheme to actualize its goals stakeholders must play their roles. viz.   Corps producing institutions:- Timely submission of data of prospective corps members to the corps mobilization department within two (2) months before the commencement of orientation.   Corps members –Accept posting in good faith and report promptly to place of primary assignment in the state immediately after the closing ceremony of the orientation course.   Government (Federal, State, Local Government) provide statutory support like subvention, orientation camps, transit/corpers lodge, office accommodation etc as prescribed in the NYSC Act.   Corps employers:- Submit promptly at least two weeks before commencement of orientation course request for corps members. They are also expected to accept corps members posted to them and provide accommodation, transportation and health care.   In the absence of accommodation and transportation an employer is required to pay adequate allowance in lieu of both.   An employer is also expected to provide the necessary orientation and counseling to corps members in his employ and also adequately utilize their services.   Employers and corps members should note that permission to travel out of the State can only be granted by the State Coordinator.   Employer of corps members are also expected to render periodic evaluation reports on the activities of their corps members.   The Nigerian Army is expected to play its role of ensuring discipline and training the corps members in drills and physical exercises during the orientation course and passing out/winding up exercises.   The Nigeria police is expected to maintain adequate security during the orientation program and even after.   The department of state Security Service is expected to provide necessary intelligence reports on acts capable of breaching the peace during the orientation course.   The citizenship and leadership training Center (Man “O” war) is expected to provide the necessary leadership training to corps members.   The Nigerian Red Cross expectedly is to provide first aid service to corps members and also training in this respect.   RESPONSE TIME TO COMPLAINTS All general complaint(s) received will be addressed and complainant(s) informed of action taken within 14 days of receipt of complaint. EXCEPT   Correction of errors on Certificate of National Service.   Authenticate Loss of Certificate of National Service   Verification of Certificate of National Service   Which action will be taken within 30days. Special Needs Provision The Scheme provides special considerations for the following categories of persons:   The physically challenged are assigned to areas where their condition cannot limit their performance during the service year.   Corps members with life threatening health related problems like heart disease, physically challenged, mental illness etc. are relocated to where they can access medical and other necessary attention   Married women are relocated to their husbands’ places of domicile on presentation of relevant documents, like marriage certificate, proof of change of name and a letter indicating place of domicile of husband.   Female corps members who get married during the service year enjoy this privilege by presenting relevant documents. (As above).   Corps members who give birth during the service year are entitled to maternity leave as stipulated in the Bye-laws of the Scheme.   Existing Limitation The following are existing Limitations     Inadequate funding produces low job output and poor logistic support.   Late and wrong submission/omission of expected inputs from corps producing institutions, etc.   Undue influence in concessional posting/relocation of corps members. This has a negative effect on the operations of the scheme.   Inadequate infrastructure in some Orientation Camps/State Secretariat   NYSC EXPECTATION FROM CUSTOMER/CLIENTS AND MANAGEMENT MOBILIZING ELIGIBLE YOUTH     Prompt submission of mobilization data from corps producing institutions.   After uploading of data by corps producing institutions, the prospective corps members (PCM) now register online via NYSC portal   Orientation course: The NYSC and collaborating agencies like the Army, Police, Man “O” war, DSS(Department of State Security Service), NSCDC (Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps), and Red Cross are to ensure efficient training of corps members.   Corps inspection: Corps employers are enjoined to ensure that corps members remain in their places of posting delivering effective and high quality service.   Community Development services: The host community is to identify the needs of the community while volunteers sponsor the execution of the project by corps members.   Prompt payment of claims: The three tiers of Government as well as corps employers must ensure prompt payment of claims and allowances of corps members.   Contractors/Suppliers are expected to provide quality products (Kit items etc) as stipulated in contractual agreement.   Provision of permanent orientation camps, transit camps, corpers lodge and logistics by the government.   Management of the scheme is expected to provide the necessary leadership and the provision of logistics for the scheme.   Staff of the scheme is expected to work conscientiously and monitor corps members. They are expected to lead by example, guide, commend and admonish corps members when necessary.   Charter Review Due to the exigencies of service and the peculiar modus-operandi of the scheme, this charter will be subject to review yearly   FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT NYSC The scheme as part of making information dissemination available round the clock for its numerous customers has put in place 24 hours customer relations information portal viz:- for general information on NYSC scheme for online registration for prospective Corps Members.   For any complaints in case of distress call NYSC Distress Call Centre: (0700 call NYSC) = 0700022556972.   Also customers can reach us through the following lines: Call Centre Lines: 09065250174, 07052374757,,  ...

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