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NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2015 Batch B

To the general public, click here to view the 2015 Batch B mobilization time table

Skill Aquisition & Entreprenuership Development

The Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development scheme is an initiative of the NYSC driven to aid corp members in obtaining necessary skills that will encourage them in turn to pursue entrepreneurship careers in order to reduce their possible time spent in the labour market in search of paid employment.

Community Development Scheme

CDS is one of the four Cardinal programmes of the NYSC in which corp members contribute positively to the development of their host communities throughout the period of national service.
Since the inception of the NYSC in 1973, continual and superb contributions have been made towards social, political and economic transformation of the nation, and currently, the CDS scheme has been among the vanguard for the nations drive to correct the imbalance in rural-urban development through execution of various projects and programmes by corp members.
camp activities, 2015 batch b stream ii

Welcome Address from the State Coordinator of NYSC Lagos

Eminent Nigerians, ladies and gentlemen from all over the globe, it gives me great joy to interact with you through this medium.
Information Technology Communication (ICT) and effective service delivery are inextricably interwoven as we all know. Therefore, the need for establishing linkages with NYSC Stakeholders on this platform will help in bridging gaps in information sharing which has over the years been a major challenge.
This site will amongst others showcase the activities of the Scheme, expand its values to critical stakeholders as well as keep NYSC public abreast with the rudiments of NYSC programmes especially in Lagos State. Likewise, it will enhance interactions with critical stakeholders as their contributions on this platform will help in the actualization of the Scheme's objectives.
On behalf of the Director-General, Brigadier-General Johnson Bamidele Olawumi, FSS MSS psc [+] fdc, Management and Staff of NYSC Lagos State, I welcome our illustrious Stakeholders to the NYSC Lagos State Website.


Know Your State Coordinator

Mr A. C. Akhanemhe hails from Edo State, Nigeria. He bagged a Bachelor of Arts (Hans) in Communication/Theatre Arts from the University of Benin, Edo State. Mr Akhanemhe heeded the clarion call in the year 1984 and served the fatherland in Rivers State Mr Akhanemhe joined the NYSC in 1992 and has worked in various States such as Abia, ebbi, Ondo. Plateau, Bauchi and the Directorate Headquarters, Abuja. He was thereafter posted to Imo State as the State Coordinator in the year 2014 and was recently transferred to Lagos State as the Lagos State Coordinator. He is a seasoned administrator, a...

NYSC Director General

Brigadier General Sule Zakari Kazaure hails from Kazaure, Jigawa State of Nigeria He attended the Arewa Primary School, Kazaure for his primary education and thereafter proceeded to Government College Birnin-Kudu, old Kano State and later Science Secondary School, Dawakin-Kudu, present Kano State for his secondary education. He was commissioned into the Nigerian Army on 4th October, 1989 and posted to the Nigerian Army Education Corps. Courses Attended: Direct Short Service Course, Course 2/90 in Jaji, 1990. Basic NAEC Officers’ Development Course at the Nigerian Army School...

The State Coordinator's Profile


NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2015 Batch B

To the general public, click here to view the 2015 Batch B mobilization time table


NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2015 Batch B

  S/NO Event Date 1 2015 Batch B pre-mobilization workshop. 21st - 24th July 2015  2 Briefing/Sensitization of final year students/prospective corps members. 4th - 14th August 2015  3 Display of list of all approved programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking 4th - 14th August 2015 4 Collation of Prospective Corps Members' Data by Corps Producing Institutions CPIs 31st July - 21st August 2015 5 Submission/Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Result for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs 24th August - 2nd September 2015 6 Uploading of Corrected Lists by Corps Producing Institutions 1st - 7th September 2015  7 On-line Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates 8th September - 9th October 2015  8 Entertainment of complaints from Prospective Corps Members by the state Deployment and Relocation officers and NYSC Help Desks 9th - 16th October 2015  9 Forwarding of Complaints to Mobilisation Dept by State Deployment and Relocation officers 9th - 16th October 2015  10 On-line Delivery of Print-outs to Corps Producing Institutions CPIs 9th - 16th October 2015  11 Deployment and Printing of Call-up Letters by ICT Dept. 14th - 20th October 2015  12 Notification/on-line Printing of Call-up Letters 21st - 26th October 2015  13 2015 Batch 'B' Orientation Course (stream I) 28th October - 16th November 2015  14 2015 Batch 'B' Orientation Course (stream II) 25th November - 14th December, 2015   ...

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"If Nigeria is to make rapid progress on all fronts internally, and if she is to make her mark on the continent of Africa, and indeed, in the community of nations, her youths must be fully mobilized and be prepared to offer willingly and without asking for rewards in return, their best in the service of their nation at all times"


-General Yakubu Gowon, during the formal inauguration of NYSC Directorate, June 4, 1973.

The supreme challenge which confronts multi-ethnic and multi-religious nations is not one of social and economic development. Countries like the Former Soviet Union, the embattled Yugoslavia,

Nigeria was created by her colonial authorities purely out of the dictates of imperial convenience. The amalgamation of 1914 was motivated solely by the desire to maximize economic returns by reducing the administrative costs of ruling a large colony. For the duration of British colonial rule, no effort was ever made to forge the diverse peoples of the vast country into a united nation, held together by a shared vision and a common destiny...

The NYSC as with any other proper organisation, comprises of several branches and units which make it what it is, simply select the branch/unit you want information on and it will be displayed here.

The PRU is an autonomous unit directly under the state coordinator office and its responsible for the following:

• Reporting and coverage of NYSC events and activities.

• Publication of the Newsletter regularly and the end of year magazine (EkoCopa).

• Issuing and processing ID cards to deserving and relocated corps members as well as replacing lost ID cards.

• The Publicity and Protocol Unit handles all reception matters during orientation camp and Passing Out Parade (POP).

• Accompanies the State Coordinator during formal visits both within and outside the state secretariat.

Public Relations Unit (PRU)

This branch carries out the following::

• Supervises timely delvery of monthly, quarterly and annual returns.

• Coordinates the administration of form 4B during passing out exercise.

• Writes the Action Plan for the next year and forward same to at least (10) ten states of NYSC location.

• Gathers information from various departments in the Secreariat on corps data for passing out and ensures rendition to NDHQ.

• In charge of NYSC foundation.

• Coordinates the preparation of annual reportin line with the official format and forward it to DHQ before January 15 of subsequent year.

Planning Research and Statistics (PRS)

The ICT is also an autonomous unit directly under the supervision of the state cordinator office and its reponsible for the following:

• Creating and managing databases which would contain all information of staff and corps members' records, activities, correspondences etc.

• Coordinating data movement from the various NYSC branches/units to the Data bank

• Making information on NYSC activities, staff records and corps members (past and present) available whenever needed.

• Provide network structure to support intra and inter department communications and communications to Local Government offices and vice –versa via secure channels

• Keep inventory of all computer Hardware owned by the NYSC and their current locations at every given point in time.

• Assigning data access privileges to different departments and users on the network to prevent unauthorized access to classified data.

• Hardware and software procurement, as well as sourcing support from NYSC partners and corporate friends.

• Conduct regular reviews of the existing ICT set up and recommend updates or upgrades where necessary to keep the secretariat up-to date with ever-changing technology trends.

• Ensure ICT facilities are used legally and in accordance with the relevant licensing and copyright agreements.

• Oversee the administration of NYSC Lagos website and other network based processes.

• Develop a relevant curriculum for the training of staff.

• Managing the outside image of NYSC Lagos on social media such face book, twitter etc.

• Sending out bulk sms, e-mail broadcasts and other forms of broadcast correspondence to corps members and staff.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The HRM branch is to:

• Handle the appointment of new staff during recruitment and also ensure that the employeeundergo training in line with the scheme demands.

• Ensure proper handling of retiree pensions and gratuity disbursement as at when due.

• Handle of promotion and staff advancement.

• Ensure there is an efficient keeping and updating of staff records/data.

• Management of office equipment, ensure good environmental sanitation and efficient security patrol in the complex.

Human Resources and Management (HRM)

Accounts Department is responsible for the payment of all allowances and other entitlement of youth corps members deployed to the state. On arrival at the orientation camp, and after the completion of the orientation course each corps member shall have received the following Cash payment

(i) Transport to state of service from state of origin 1,500

(ii) Local transport allowance paid only once on camp 1,000

(iii) First Monthly personal allowance 19,800.00 paid subsequently and monthly. Personal allowances will be paid through banks in your places of primary assignment.

Finance and Accounts

Accounts Department is responsible for the payment of all allowances and other entitlement of youth corps members deployed to the state. On arrival at the orientation camp, and after the completion of the orientation course each corps member shall have received the following Cash payment

(i) Transport to state of service from state of origin 1,500

(ii) Local transport allowance paid only once on camp 1,000

(iii) First Monthly personal allowance 19,800.00 paid subsequently and monthly. Personal allowances will be paid through banks in your places of primary assignment.

Corp Welfare and Health Services

The branch is primarily,

• To ensure strict monitoring of CIM in place of primary assignment.

• To supervise the activities going on in the Local Government and the zonal level.

• Verify monthly allowance letters before submitting to Account department for payment.

Corp Inspection and Monitoring (CIM)

This branch is mandated to:

• To monitor hospitalized Corp Members and pay them regular visits.

• To undertake the process of transporting and arrange for the burial of deceased corp members both within the state and from other states (purchase of casket, embalmment/preservation, etc).

• To ensure a healthy welfare atmosphere between the corp members and employers through the LGIs.

• To process requests for medical refund by corp members to NDHQ.

• To assist the office in the case of corp member's civil challenges with outsiders and the public.

• To pay visits to corp members on their sick beds both at home and in the hospital.

• To ensure the safekeeping of all clinic drugs and equipment.

Corp Discipline and Reward (CDR)

This branch is responsible for the following:

• The Branch liaises with Corps producing institution in Lagos State to organized pre-mobilization briefing of prospective corps members with a view to ensure error-free mobilization process.

• Registration/documentation of Corps members during the orientation and after camp for those who may come to the state on relocation as approved by the NYSC management.

• Posting of corps members in the state to their place of primary assignments (PPA).

• Reposting of corps members if rejected from their previous PPA.

• Process relocation applications by corps members.

• Release NYSC discharge certificate to corps members at the end of the one year

Corp Deployment and Relocation (DR)

The branch has 3 sections under it, that is; Corps Discipline, Reward and Legal. And its responsible for the following duties;

• Receive all allegations of misconduct against corps members from corps employers, zonal offices/LG offices.

• Handles all alleged disciplinary cases against corps members, refer to it through the CDC (corps disciplinary committee)

• Invite erring corps members to appear before the CDC to put up their defenses if any, as regards the offences against them.

• Recommend appropriate disciplinary action against erring corp members in accordance with the NYSC bye laws.

• Forward such recommendations to NDHQ for ratification and or final decisions.

• Ensure that NDHQ disciplinary decisions are carried out by corps members.

• Process the release of CNS to corps members after the disciplinary action has been carried out.

• Receives all recommendations for excellent performance by corps members from LG officers through the ZI's, Corps

Employers and Community Leaders.

• Appraises such recommendations through the Honor Award Committee to select the winners of the 3 categories of award at the State Level.

• Forward nominees for National Honors Award to NDHQ for consideration.

• Process all legal cases against corps members and the scheme at the state.

• Liases with the Police command, SSS and Security agencies on behalf of the scheme as regards corps member's cases.

Community Development Services (CDS)




 The Motto of the National Youth Service Corps (Hereinafter referred to as the “Service Corps”) shall be (“Service and Humility”)


Every member of the Service Corps (Hereinafter referred to as “member”) shall as soon as possible after registration, subscribe to and sign a copy of the pledge set out in Schedule 3 to these bye-laws.


Every Corps Member shall observe the following code of conduct during the period of the orientation course.

(a) Every member shall accept his posting without question

(b) During the period of orientation, every member shall:

(i) Attend regularly, punctually and participate fully in all official engagements on the field, at lecture and all places of work.

(ii)  Not leave the Orientation Camp or absent himself from any official activity without the written consent of the state coordinator or his representative.

(iii) When absent from his duties on account of illness, ensure that such absence is covered by an “Excuse Duty Certificate” issued by a medical doctor then on duty at the camp

(iv) not gamble within the premises:

(v) not be in possession of firearms or ammunition 

(vi)  not smoke or chew anything on parade, and at any other time not smoke in a prohibited area or throw lighted cigarette butts or lighted matches about the premises carelessly.

(viii) not receive visitors in the camp except on Saturdays, Sundays and a Public Holiday

(ix) Wear the various uniforms provided for the activities.

(x) not deprive other members of their meals by taking double rations;

(xi) not keep animal pets in the Camp;

(xii) not riot or take part in mo action;

(xiii) not steal

(xiv) not take part in or organize private night parties in the camp without the written  permission of the state Director

(xv) not be insubordinate or rude to camp officials.

(c) During the period of Primary Assignment every member shall;

(i) accept his assignment without question:

(ii) report at duty station promptly:

(iii) report for duty punctuality:

(iv) carry out such duty diligently:

(v) not leave his station or absent himself from any official activities without the written consent of the appropriate authority in his establishment.

(vi) not travel outside the state without prior written consent of the state Director:

(vii) not be rude or insubordinate at his place of work

(viii) not engage in immoral practices especially with students:

(ix) not disclose any information which comes to him in his official capacity to any person not authorized to receive such information :

(x) not engage in private practice:

(xi) not ride a motorcycle without wearing a crash helmet.

(d) During the period of Year-Round Community Development Service, every member shall:

(i) not absent himself from project site without prior written consent of his Community Development Inspector

(ii) report punctually at his place of assignment and

(iii) work as an efficient member of his team

(e) During the period of Winding-up and passing-out, every member shall 

(i) Participate in all the activities and programmes.


Any member who takes ill while on duty shall avail himself at the nearest Military or Government Medical facilities and on no account seek specialist treatment outside his station without;

(a) Prior reference by the Government or Military Doctor:

(b) The written permission of the State Director.


(i) Except in the case of the 21-days vacation granted as a terminal benefit on completion of the service, leave is a privilege granted at the discretion of the Director-General in accordance with the leave scales laid down by the National Directorate Headquarters from time to time

(ii) Except in case of vacation leave, total number of days that can be grated as leave for whatever reasons shall not exceed 14 days in any service year

(iii) Leave of absence shall not be granted to enable a member to travel outside Nigeria except by the Director-General

(iv) Subject to the exigencies of the service, a member may be recalled from his leave at short notice

(v) Leave of absence shall begin on the day specified in the letter approving such leave and a member is required to rejoin his post on the day the leave expires.

(vi) On rejoining the post from leave, it shall be the duty of each member to acquaint himself with all instructions issued during his absence;

(vii)      (a) Where a member on leave requires medical attention, he shall report to the Military or Government Hospital and shall be treated on production of his identity card.

(b)1. Where in the absence of the facilities referred to in subparagraph (a) above, a member is compelled to avail himself of the services of a private medical practitioner, he shall be responsible in the first instance for the fees payable and shall obtain a receipt thereof as well as a medical report from a Military or Government Hospital.

2.  If the circumstances are recognized as requiring such service, the headquarters may authorize a refund to such a member at such rates as the Director General considers fair and reasonable.

(c) A member who has availed himself of the facilities in subparagraphs (a) and (b) (1) above must tender a medical report or discharge certificate on disposal of the case as evidence on return to his post

(d) Any payment made to a chemist for treatment rendered to a member while on leave may only be refunded by the state Director where there is no Hospital in the area at such rates as the State Director considers fair and reasonable.

(viii) where a member is admitted into Hospital, during his leave, it shall be his duty to notify his state Director.


(i) A married or an unmarried pregnant member shall be entitled to twelve weeks maternity leave. During this period of leave, she will be paid full monthly allowance.

(ii) She will not however be entitled to the annual leave of 21 days (terminal leave).


A member who desires to get married during the service year shall:

(a) Be allowed to perform the marriage ceremony in any place of his/her choice;

(b) Any member who wishes to apply for leave of absence for the purpose of subparagraph (a) above shall do so not later than four weeks before the date of the proposed marriage.


Any member who is absent for continuous period of 3 months within the service year shall be considered to have absconded and shall be declared a wanted person.


(i) Ever member shall:

(a) During the Service year carry on his person, his identity card wherever he goes and shall on request present it to the appropriate authority.

(b) At the end thereof, surrender it to the State Director

(ii) Any persons who fails to surrender his identity card to the State Director shall be liable to the appropriate penalty prescribed in schedule 2 hereto.


(i) In order to provide a full record of work, conduct and capabilities of each Corps member, and to assist the headquarters to give a correct assessment of each member at the end of the service year, the following reports will be made on each Corps member

(a) A record of the Orientation Assessment documented on NYSC Form 2(A)

(b) A quarterly record of Primary Assignment assessment by the Corps Employer Documented on NYSC Form 2(B); and 

(c) A record of SecOndory Assignment Assessment by the Community Development Inspector Documented on NYSC Form 2(C). (NYSC Form 2 (A), (B) and (C) in Schedule 3 of these bye-laws)

(ii) Each Confidential report submitted, pursuant to sub-paragraph (1) above, shall be considered a privileged document and shall not be made public but 

(a) The substance of any adverse comment on the work or conduct of a member which is included in any such report on him shall be conveyed to him in writing by the State Director with the object of encouraging him to overcome his shortcomings; and

(b) The fact that this action has been taken should be endorsed on the report itself. Where a member has any cause to make a representation in respect of any part of his report, he shall do so through his employer to the State Director.


(i) All communications including those for redeployment from a corps member shall always be endorsed by his employer

(ii) A member shall seek redress for any grievances or redeployment from:

(a) His Corps Employer or the State Director in the first instance; but

(b) where he is not satisfied with the action taken by any person mentioned in subparagraph (a) above, he may appeal to the Chairman of the State Governing Board; and

(c) As a last, he may appeal to the Director-General.

(iii) Any Member who:

(a) Violates the progressive channel of communication as laid down in subparagraphs (i) and (ii) above or 

(b) Airs his grievances in any news media, shall be liable to the appropriate penalty prescribed in Schedule 2 hereto.


No member shall:

(a) Be involved in any act of forgery;

(b) Form any organization or group without prior written consent of the State Director;

(c) Engage in fraudulent practices;

(d) Engage in physical fighting; 

(e) Assault any official of the NYSC or his employer, in his place of Primary Assignment physically or verbally.

(f) Take part in partisan politics;

(g) Engage in any action detrimental to the image of the scheme;

(h) Organize or engage in any form of secret cult or organization, or;

(g) Address the press or communicate with any of the state executives without permission    of the state Director.


These Bye-laws may be cited as the National Youth Service Corps Bye-Laws 1993.


1.         The following penalties shall imposed in the following circumstances






For lateness in any official engagement on field, at lectures or of work

15 minutes drill by the Camp Commandant


Leaving the camp without permission of the State Director 

Extension of the Service year by double the number of days for which the member was absent from his camp and forfeiture of his allowance for the same number of days oh which he was absent.


Absence from any activity without the State Director’s permission

Forfeiture of the day’s pay



Fine of not less than N50.00


Possession of arms and ammunition

Member shall be handed over to the Police for Prosecution.


Smoking or chewing while on parade

Extra drill for 15 minutes


Taking double ration or aiding and abetting taking of double ration

Fine of not more than 20.00


Drunkenness resulting in disorderly behavior

Extra drill of 20 minutes


Failure to wear the uniform provided for any particular activity

(a) The Corps member should be informed to go and wear the uniform, failing which he will be decamped.
(b) After dressing up, he will be drilled for 20 minutes


 Receiving visitor in camp on any unauthorized day or hour

20 minutes extra drill


Infringement of office preventive measures

To face camp court


Bringing animal pets to camp.

Corps owner of pet not to be registered.


Inciting other members to cause disaffection in the camp

Extension of service by at least, 90 days on half pay.


Rioting or taking part in a mob action

Extension of service for a period of 90 days on half pay.


Stealing in camp

Recovery of stolen item(s) and extension of service for 90 days on half pay


Taking part in organizing night parties in camp without the written permission of the State director.

Extra drill 30 Minutes.


Insubordination or rudeness to camp officials

30 days extension on half pay.


Failure to report for service

A fine of N2,000.00 or imprisonment for a term of 12 months or both on conviction


Illegal Participant in the service.

A fine of N4,000.00 or imprisonment for 2 years or both on conviction.


Complicity in perpetrating illegal participation (by individual or corporate bodies)

Fine of N5000.00 or imprisonment for 3 years  or both


Illegal wearing of NYSC Uniform

Fine of N1000.00 or imprisonment for not less than 6 (six) Months or both


Organising or engaging in any form of secret cult or organization

Immediate decampment and the case referred to National Headquarter Disciplinary Committee


Addressing the press without prior written consent of the State Director

Extension of service for at least 30 days on half pay


2. GENERAL            NOTES

Drill (Serving as penalties) for offenders should be deducted from the corps member’s monthly allowance and paid prompt to the NYSC Accounts and receipt issued accordingly.







Failure to accept assignment

Withholding of Clearance for monthly allowance until he complies


Lateness to report at duty Station promptly

Extension of Service by double the period he is late to station


Failure to report to duty/punctuality

Query by employer and report to State Director subsequently


Failure to carry out duties diligently

Same as (C) above


Leaving his duty station or absenting himself from any official activities without the written consent of the State Director

Extension of service to be determined y the State Director.


Travelling Outside the State without written permission of the State Director

Forfeiture of allowance for the number of days absent and extension of service, double the period of absence.


Rudeness and insubordination

Extension of service for a period not less than 14 days


Engaging in Immoral practice especially with students

Extension of service for a period not less than 90 days


Disclosing Official information

Extension of service for a period not less than 30 days


Leaking Of Examination Question

Extension of service for a period not less than 2 months with half pay and employment


Engaging in private practice

Extension of service for a period not less than 14 days


Riding a motor-cycle without crash helmet

Fie of not less than N30.00








Absence from place assignment.

Forfeiture of the days allowance plus extension double the number of days absent.


Lateness of more than 30 minutes to the place of assignment

Stern warning in the first instance and if he continues to be late he forfeits the allowance for the number of days.






Failure to participate in any of the activities

Forfeiture of transport fare back home






Failure to produce identity card on demand

Fine of N5.00


Loss of Identity Card

Fine of N20.00


Wrongful Channeling of Communication

No action should be taken on such communication


Seeking redress outside established channel of communication

Extension of service for a period to be determined by the National Directorate Headquarter



Extension of service for at least 90 days and/or handing over to the police for investigation as applicable


Forming any organization or group without the written consent of the State Director

Proscription of the group plus extension of service for a period of not less than 14 days.



Recovery of the amount involved plus extension of service for at least 60 days and/or handing over to the police for investigation as applicable.


Engaging in physical Fighting  

Extension of service for a period not less than 14 days


Assaulting NYSC/any officer in his place of primary assignment

Extension of service for a period not less than 30 days with pay and redeployment


Taking part in partisan politics

Extension of service for a period not less than 3 months


Loss of any item of Kits

Payment of the equivalent of the current price of the kit item


Willful damage to public property

Payment of the cost of damaged property plus extension of service for 14 days



(a)        Any member who infringe any of the foregoing provision shall have the benefits of appearing either before the camp court during the orientation/Passing-out periods or the State Disciplinary Committee at any other period(s) during the service year. The court Disciplinary Committee shall be established in each camp or state to determine breaches and mete out a appropriate penalties.
(b)        Except where otherwise stated, extension of service is now double the period of absence from duty with only half allowance for the “period’
(c)        Any corps member who travels outside the country without permission from the Director-General shall face appropriate disciplinary measures to be determined by the Director-General.

(d)       Corps members should not travel out of the State during school, College ad public holidays without permission from the State Director.



News from NYSC Lagos


knowing whats up all the time
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CDS is one of the four Cardinal programmes of the NYSC in which corp members contribute positively to the development of their host communities throughout the period of national service.
Since the inception of the NYSC in 1973, continual and superb contributions have been made towards social, political and economic
transformation of the nation, and currently, the CDS scheme has been among the vanguard for the nations drive to correct the imbalance in rural-urban development through execution of various projects and programmes by corp members.
These programmes have revolutionized communities all over the country in areas of education, agriculture, communication, infrastructure, technology, economic empowerment, poverty eradication, social services and above all national consciousness and socio-cultural regeneration

To Corp Members, Concerning CDS

The four cardinal NYSC Programs are as follows:

1). Mobilization and Orientation
2). Primary Assignment 
3). Secondary Assignment – CDS
4). Winding Up/Closing

As the CDS is a part of the aforementioned programs it must be noted that all corp members are expected to participate actively and productively, with no exceptions, in a CDS group and to its cause, the group the corp member choose is completely up to them though it is advisable to select one that pertains to what their qualifications are, or what they truly feel their personal abilities are more suited to, this would ensure that the very best is truly given in the course of participating.
CDS meetings are held once a week and last till the end of the corp members service year, note that defaulters are given an extension of service (service year could be increased for a period up to a whole year), it is our hope that corp members will adhere wholesomely in this scheme not out of fear of punishment or a lackadaisical attitude of “Lets get it over with” but with a drive for Excellence and Value Creation or addition to the goals of whatever group they belong to.
A corp member can only belong to a CDS group at a particular time and a CDS card will be given to all corp members for the purpose of attendance documentation.

CDS is classified into two main categories, these include:
1). Group CDS
2). Indivdual / Personal Projects
1). Group Community Development Scheme
This is the general CDS activity all corp members will participate in, they are expected to use a day in a week, every week, for the group CDS activities, on this day, usually set by the CDS Group, the corp members are not expected to report to their Place of Primary Assignment(PPA), attendance is mandatory therefore all employers will relinquish corp members of their responsibilities at work, this is all in a bid to get the best out of the corp member within the period. The set days are dedicated to the execution of projects and programmes that will improve the living conditions of their host community. If you need more information about the available CD groups, refer to the pamphlet titled "ABC of Community Development Service" obtainable during your orientation course.

2). Individual /Personal Projects:
These projects are usually geared towards rural development but are not limited to them only. For these CDS endeavor(s), the corp member, identifies a felt need in the community they are present in and goes about addressing such need(s) by following and being aware of these simple steps
A). Preparation of a proposal:
   This involves the corp member creating a document outlining the core aspects of the project they intend on carrying out, the proposal is structured as follows:
   The Proposal Title
   Brief Introduction
   Objective(s) of the project
   Budget/Costing for execution
   Sponsors involved in the project
   Duration of the project

   The corp member is expected to be aware of the communication channel they are to follow in order for their proposal to be attended to properly, the channel is as follows:
   To the State Coordinator
   Through: Zonal Inspector
   Through: Local Government Inspector
   Through: Employer.

   Usually the proposal is submitted to the LGI after preparation so processing for approval can be initiated in the event the project is deemed fit/ necessary.

B). Execution by raising funds:
   The corp member is expected to be capable of projecting their idea/ vision well enough to prompt donations or even fund generation locally from the community they intend on executing their projects in. Do note the corp member is not expected to provide the funds for the project.

C). Progress Report:

   A progress report on the project with pictorial evidence is expected at least three times from the corp member

To corp members who have performed and executed projects excellently, awards of excellence are usually accorded to them, these awards are provided via the following channels:

- State Coordinator
- State Coordinator and Governing board

The awards are:

- State Award
- National Award

They are a prestigious accolade to whomever receives them and symbolize the corp members drive towards nation building in whichever capacity they were capable of.


Below are Present and Past CDProjects conceived, and concretely actualized by corp members

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Skills Acquisition And Entreprenuership Development (SAED)

The Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development scheme is an initiative of the NYSC driven to aid corp members in obtaining necessary skills that will encourage them in turn to pursue entrepreneurship careers in order to reduce their possible time spent in the labour market in search of paid employment. 

The NYSC has partnered with several companies and training outfits across the country to obtain and provide the very best to the nations corp members at subsidized rates, courses and live training programs developed by aforementioned sponsors to equip them with skills pertaining to independent sustenance and business management understanding as well. Furhermore, the SAED program is one of the few in the country that gives youths, which are corp members

Structure and Functions of SAED

The SAED Department is headed by a Director (Mrs Mary DAN-ABIA) who is assisted by the Assistant Director(Mrs Rachel IDAEWOR) and is made up of two divisions namely:
- Skills Acquisition Division
- Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Division

Functions of the department include:
  •  Sensitize and mobilize 200, 000 young graduates for skill acquisition annually
  •  Facilitate the training and mentoring of 100, 000 young graduates in skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development for self-reliance annually
  •  Promote public-private partnership for entrepreneurship development and self-reliance amongst Nigerian youths
  •  Promote documentation and sharing of best practices on youth empowerment in Nigeria
  •  Support evidence-driven advocacy efforts for favorable policies on youth empowerment in Nigeria
  •  Sensitization and mobilization of corps members for enrollment into the skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development program
  •  Development of a standard curriculum for the in-camp skill acqusition exercise
  •  Identification of organizations at state level to provide training and mentoring in specific skills sets
  •  Attachment of the corps members to the various organizations for skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development
  •  On-going monitoring and supervision of trainee corps members
  •  Facilitate access to available funding opportunities

SAED Lagos Partners
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Frequently Asked Questions

We at NYSC Lagos State understand that corp members and prospective corp members have questions that need answering, though we may not be available at the time to attend to you this faq section covers most common ones asked and have well detailed answers to aid you.

Why are Nigerian youths being asked to pay to serve their country?

It is not true that corps members are being asked to pay to serve their country. Far from it.The NYSC and the government appreciate the enormous sacrifice that corps membershave made, and continue to make, for the unity and the development of this country. The Scheme will continue to explore ways to ensure that corps members serve the nation in safety and with ease. This latest initiative was conceived in that spirit. Based on feedbacks and requests from past corps members, the initiative was designed to lessen the costs and risks associated with corps members travelling to their schools to pick up call-up letters. It should be remembered that prospective corps members become the responsibility of NYSC when they show up in orientation camps, not before. So, prospective corps members (not NYSC) have always borne the costs of travelling to get their call-up letters. This has not changed and no extra burden has been imposed on our prospective corps members. While those who want to physically pick up their call-up letters from their schools are still allowed to do so, this initiative hascreated an extra option for those who wish to access their call-up letters online. It has empowered prospective corps members to make their choice, based on their situations, preferences and assessments of the opportunity costs involved. Paying N4000 to process call-up letters online is a choice for those who prefer that option. It is not a condition for national service.So, no one is being asked to pay to serve, as those who do not pay will also undertake their national service without any form of discrimination or sanction.

Why are corps members being forced to pay for their call-up letters

Paying to process call-up letters online is totally optional. It is not compulsory. NYSC made it optional because of the realization that not every corps member will need or can afford it. As said above, picking up call-up letters from schools have always been and remains the responsibility of prospective corps members. There are associated costs and risks to this, which varies for individuals. The situation of ‘Prospective Corps Member A’ who lives in Lagos and has graduated from a school in Lagos is definitely different from that of ‘Prospective Corps Member B’ who lives in Lagos but has graduated from a higher institution in Port Harcourt or Zaria or Bauchi. The costs and risks involved in going to the schools to pick call-up letters are clearly different for the two candidates. NYSC thinks it will be unfair to ask both of them to pay or force them to embrace the initiative. Apart from giving people the freedom to choose what suits them, the initiative is deliberately made optional to ensure fairness to all parties.